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Candy Style Awards 2012

May 5, 2012 - The first Candy Style Awards held at the Rockwell Tent was totally a night to remember! Everyone was wearing their stylish outfits, so was I and my friend Bea! There were plenty of artists who came and saw a lot of pretty faces.

The Feeling of getting to talk and have a photo with your favorite bloggers such as Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Tricia Gosingtian and other more fashion bloggers!

Took shots before the event.

With my friend Bea!

It was raining but we still need to line up so that we could enter the tent. Good thing we have brought an umbrella!

The line reached evening! Was getting kinda wasted already.

Before entering, we saw Elmo Magalona & Julie San Jose!

VJ Bianca

Marla, Editor-in-chief of Candy Magazine

Ivan Dorschner

Kathryn Bernardo

Julia Montes & Mario Maurer was on vtr coz they had shootings and was not able to go to the Candy Styles Award.


Elmo and Julie received their award and performed a song number called “Love the way you lie Part 2”.

Tricia Gosingtian

Laureen Uy

Patricia Prieto

Kryz Uy

Jaz Reyes

Camille Co

All the Candy Style Awardees

With Megan Young

With Camille Co. Aww it’s burry!

With Tricia Gosingtian

With Marla Miniano

With Patricia Prieto

With Ivan Dorschner


Crayons on the Walls: Dementia ›


SSCW held a Halloween Party and it was called Dementia. Last year the party was named Cicatrix and that was the first SSCW party I went. To be honest this year is more epic than the previous one. Sorry for our faces! :-)

Inah De Castro

They also have a jail booth in the party…

SNAPTHESHOT: Afterschool. ›


Yesterday was our Teachers’ Day and it went well though it wasn’t that fun and everything was rushed for we had a half-day sced. So, my friends (Christian, Enrique, Inah, and Czar) plus I decided to go to my crib.

First we went to Mcdo for them to eat lunch, then we proceeded. Along…

When I got to the car I found a nike shoebox at the back, and when I opened the box, it was for me!! :’) Omg!! Neon :”> Fell in love with this ❤ Thanks mom & dad love youuu! (Taken with Instagram)

Hi. Jgh from practice. So yeah, I’m really tired that’s why nakahiga na ko jan :) (Taken with Instagram)

Vin there, done that!


We went to ATC to meetup with Vin Quilop. We’re also supposed to watch The Possession, but the screening time is past our curfew. So we just ate at Bon Chon and waited for Vin at Powerbooks.

ATC models!!!…

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